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Almond beans

Serve 4 Ingredients: ½ kg peruano bean, Verde Valle®, 1 cup almond, Verde Valle®, 4 bacon, sliced, ½ onion, 4 tablespoons pork butter, 200 g fresh cheese, powdered, 2 "chiles serranos", chopped, "Plátanos machos" fried and sliced,
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Almond beans

Taste this super healthy almond beans. This combination has a special touch.








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½ kg peruano bean, Verde Valle®

1 cup almond, Verde Valle®

4 bacon, sliced

½ onion

4 tablespoons pork butter

200 g fresh cheese, powdered

2 "chiles serranos", chopped

"Plátanos machos" fried and sliced


FRY bacon in a frying pan and let it realease all its grease, in this oil you can fry the onion in big pieces until it gets well browned.

TAKE AWAY from the frying pan and let the bacon grease. In this frying pan add pork butter. Let it heat and then add almonds; let them fry for a few minutes until almonds take a yellow color.

ADD beans, reduce heat, continue squashing until they turn into purée, at the same time move beans so they don´t stick, add salt if it is necessary.

SERVE with onion, chili, tomato and bananas.

*The flavor of this beans is better when they are not too dry, so if you see they are getting dry, add a little of bean soup or milk.